Our History


The Bedford NH office opens and Staff Hunters begins working with more and more clients in the greater Manchester marketplace. The personalized approach, consistency and high quality control creates a distinct competitive advantage in a market where fast growth at any cost is the norm.


Ari joins the Bedford office of Staff Hunters to focus on building a Senior-level Finance practice in Southern, NH and Northern, MA.


Sara opens the Administrative practice in Bedford and makes an immediate impact in the scope and depth of the recruiting and placement in the office.


The Bedford office grows and Tony makes plans to transition toward retirement. Raven Ridge is founded and acquires the Bedford location. The office expands and moves to a larger space in Bedford, NH. Payroll and billing operations move to the Bedford office. Growth and change create new business partners and new relationships; both internal and external.


A banner year for finding great team members! Dennis joins the Technical / Engineering group, assisting in the growth of the business. Kassey joins the Administrative team offering expertise in the Administrative and Human Resources job market.


Ashlee joins the organization to head up administrative operations in charge of payroll and billing.